Posted 15.05.17

Why marketing remains your dream career

Marketing, as an industry, has always attracted an eclectic mix of graduates and professionals. It’s a job market that is as diverse, cutting edge and skilled as the individuals who not only run but entertain it. With marketing jobs, design jobs and digital marketing jobs suited to a range of passions and talents, whether you are a wordsmith, socialite, strategist, creative or geek – marketing is and remains the industry for you.

This article aims to investigate the key reasons why marketing has and remains a popular career path for many.

Whether you are just embarking on a creative marketing career, or are an industry old-hand, there is something for everyone in what follows.

Marketing is at an exciting and dynamic crossroads

Being firmly established in a digital society, marketing as an industry – like so many others – is experiencing a remarkable period of change; a digital transformation. With more and more consumers spending both time and money online, this is where marketing has moved to. No longer are there clear separations of digital and traditional marketing. Instead, what is needed is a cultural appropriation and a seamless integration of the two.

The culmination of this need is a fast paced and electric industry. One where we are all learning something new every day and adapting our tactics to meet the next needs that our new IoT (Internet of Things) is throwing at us. With AI (artificial intelligence) on the rise, advertising being more targeted than ever and analytics providing complete transparency between consumer and marketer, who knows where this industry is set to go next. With a rewarding senior marketing job, it will be you in the hot seat to see and guide what does happen.

Marketing has become business creative

Our societal digital transformation is bringing with it more creative avenues than ever before. For those of you already in the industry, it is becoming harder and harder to segment your team’s ‘creatives’. This is because, with crowded marketing places, all tactics need creativity. From back-end developers to SEO gurus and strategists, and even corporate copywriters, creativity has become a must.

In the same strain, digital’s rise has afforded us more and more channels to innovate. From state-of-the-art apps with dynamic UI/UX that technically are remarkable, to digital brochures, animations and even social media, creativity no longer is a desired skill, it is a necessity. This can most clearly be seen with some of the world’s leading creative companies removing their ‘innovation teams’ from their company structures. On the single premise that innovation is not reserved for few, but required from the masses. This is a trend that we are sure to see slowly trickle down to the smaller and more locally focused marketing jobs, design jobs and even in recruitment agency marketing.

It’s vital to business

Thirdly, marketing remains a strong and stable industry. With all businesses and organisations fighting off the competition and almost squabbling for consumers attention, marketing jobs have become revered, needed and respected. Where once the industry was misunderstood and perhaps seen as slightly ‘mickey-mouse’, huge blue-chip organisations today are waking up to the necessity that they have invested in their marketing job roles. These individuals are becoming the powerhouses of business success.

As a result, a marketing career gives you transferability. A marketing role affords you the opportunity to work in a specific sector or across a range of industries throughout your career. Who wouldn’t like that flexibility?

Marketing job for you

So there you have it, clear direction to why you should remain in the marketing world. If you are looking for guidance on finding your next marketing job, or want some helpful and insightful career advice, get in touch with Creative Mettle today.

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