What not to do: mobile marketing

Posted: 31.05.16

As people in (or searching for) digital marketing jobs, we’re all familiar with the value of mobile marketing – ignoring mobile as a platform is quite simply not a strategic option any longer. While we may all be aware of this reality, there are a number of pitfalls that should be avoided when diving into […]

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If I wasn’t in marketing, my dream role would be…

Posted: 23.05.16

A popular question in celebrity interviews is: ‘if you weren’t a successful actor/writer/celebrity chef, what would you be?’ The purpose of the question is to reveal an untapped inner passion – perhaps they secretly want to swap the red carpet for a duck farm, leading to a fantastic headline for the interviewer and the idea […]

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When is name dropping OK?

Posted: 18.05.16

It’s likely that we all know someone who can’t update their Facebook, Twitter or join in a pub conversation without mentioning the celeb they brushed shoulders with last week, which designer shoes they’re wearing or the high-end brand of car/holiday they just bought. If you are currently looking for marketing jobs, you might even be […]

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The un-digital revolution

Posted: 10.05.16

We’re now living in an age where the term ‘digital marketing’ is almost anachronistic. Marketing and digital marketing are one and the same – with all but the oldest slices of your customer base living huge swathes of their lives online, and expecting their interactions with businesses and services to be undertaken that way. But […]

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Planning ahead to ensure your content remains key in 2016

Posted: 05.05.16

As a creative recruitment agency operating across the marketing, design and digital sectors, we understand the importance of social media. Whether done on a daily basis as part of a communications, stakeholder engagement or brand management strategy, or used on a wider basis, its impact has radicalised the sector over the last few years – […]

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