Vine’s demise highlights the importance of innovation

Posted: 25.11.16

Vine, the video-sharing phenomenon that took the internet by storm around two years ago, will soon be culled. The news took many people by surprise; the platform is incredibly popular, is owned by Twitter and is used by throngs of celebrities, but it seems that none of those elements were good enough reasons to keep […]

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Employer branding in the marketing sector

Posted: 21.11.16

Good marketers are vital to any company. They can be the difference between success and failure for any product or service, so it’s small wonder they are in such demand. Those looking for top marketing jobs or design jobs can also be pretty creative and they will certainly understand brand, so they are far more […]

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Living the brand to land your next marketing role

Posted: 02.11.16

Failing to ‘live the brand’ as a marketing expert can really backfire, especially for those in the public eye. Celebrity brand ambassadors have famously been caught out using rival products to those they were aiming to endorse, such as Oprah Winfrey tweeting her love of Microsoft’s Surface from an Apple product  and Alicia Keys using […]

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