Posted 11.12.17

Why marketers need to apply marketing principles to their own CV

Marketing is all about getting a product or service noticed, stirring up desire in the mind of your target audience, and ultimately getting them to make a purchase or create a paying account. A lot of marketing candidates understand these principles thoroughly but fail to apply them when composing their own CV. Here are some effective tips for doing just that.

Know Your Audience

Every good marketer knows that every target market is different, and the same can be said of employers. When tweaking your CV to advance your career, it’s absolutely essential to know who it is you’re focussing on. While there are certain universal values that all marketing positions will call for, you need to be able to tailor your CV to the little nuances of different employers. .

Generate Interest

When you’re trying to land a marketing job, think of yourself as a product you’re trying to sell, and the employer as your target market. Though the interview is where you’ll have the greatest freedom to show the employer how you can benefit the company, you need to lay the foundations for this in your CV. Let them know how great you’ve been in previous positions, and when you’re listing your relevant skills, try to link these in with benefits you can offer in the covering letter.

Expand Your Network

Online presence is everything these days, both for brands and individual job candidates. Set some time aside for building your LinkedIn network, dropping a line to industry influencers and polishing your actual profile. If you’ve got the time and insight, composing blog posts about the current goings-on in marketing can also help you stand out from the general pool of candidates.


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