Posted 11.11.17

Why good marketers embrace the future

The goal of marketing is to raise awareness of a product or service and to then encourage consumers to commit to a purchase. It’s a simple enough premise, but one that has no one single formula that will result in immediate success. There will always be new campaigns to launch, new approaches to take, new products to launch and new channels by which to reach the target audience.

Marketing is ever-evolving, but there are some rules that never become outdated. One such rule is the need to always look ahead, to constantly seek to be ahead of the curve and to perennially be on the lookout for the next big idea.

Never Stand Still

The best marketers are always seeking ways to outfox or outmanoeuvre the competition. In crowded sectors the key is to always be thinking ahead.

This message is also valid when it comes to utilising new innovations. The virtual and augmented reality, for example, are still technologies with a long way to go before they are fully developed, but by getting in on the ground floor and understanding how they can be harnessed to benefit your organisation, you’ll remain ahead of the chasing pack.

A tremendous example of a brand that is going above and beyond to deliver a superior customer experience is IKEA. IKEA Place is an augmented reality app that gives consumers the opportunity to see how furniture will look in your room before you commit to a purchase.

Similarly, Yelp is embracing the augmented reality revolution in a bid to give consumers something they can’t get elsewhere. With its Monacle feature, Yelp users can point their phone in the direction of a restaurant, entertainment venue or bar, and see in an instant how other users have rated their experience at the establishment. This means that insightful decisions can be made on the go.

Research Your Rivals

Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. And don’t feel bad about it; if you’re doing a good job, they’ll be watching you too. Search around to find out companies in a similar industry, jot down what they are doing well and where they’re struggling, then take those lessons on board. Also, save their websites into your bookmarks and sign up to their newsletters so as to check on how’re they’re progressing routinely.

New Opportunities

Invention and ambitious ideas are very often key elements of a good marketer. Those people with the capacity to think outside of the box, and to capitalise on interesting concepts that others have not considered, are often the most cherished marketing recruits.

However, such marketers are like gold dust; they are rare, and therefore incredibly valuable. They are often difficult to find, but can truly transform a brand’s fortune. That’s why we work to find the best people and bring them to the best businesses.

At Creative Mettle, we do all in our power to match the right people with their perfect company, because that’s what good recruitment agencies do. To find out more about how we can help you take the next step in your career, get in touch with us today.

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