Posted 16.01.15

Web designer or developer – where in the web do your talents lie?

You’re building skills and experience to put forward for your next web role but have you asked yourself the right questions for your next step? A career in web design or a career in web development? Check you’re on the right digital path by looking at the attitude questions from ‘About Tech’.

Web Designer

Do you have an eye for colour, design, layout and a sense for what works on an aesthetic level? According to the author, with experience in both areas, those who should move towards the web design roles should like ‘obsessing over tiny details of the visual design… Most Web designers want their designs to be perfect down to the smallest pixel.” Although you don’t need to know HTML, CSS and other coding areas it can help to have an appreciation of them. A graphic arts background is also valuable.

Web Developer

Are you a problem solver wanting to make sure everything actually works as it should on a site? You probably already know some programming languages but are you willing to learn more and keep up to date with the latest developments? The article also advises on making sure you can also work with databases to provide a full skill set.

Designer or Developer – can you work well with people?

Whatever your particular skill set, you’ll need to work within a team to get the complete site right for the client – particularly in a web role for a larger company. Demonstrating that you can offer ideas, take feedback and work with other departments could be as important as coding or graphic skills. There are common areas between both roles so check exactly what an organisation is expecting from you when you go for your next interview.

For more on choosing a role within web design and development take a look at the web careers article here.

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