Posted 18.12.17

The digital marketer’s top skills guide for 2018

As the year draws to a close, we begin to make our New Year’s resolutions or look to develop our careers. It can be easy to get carried away with the latest trends, but we take look at the most solid skills for digital marketers to take into 2018.

Google PPC

You might have heard the news; Google and Facebook enjoy an 84% share of global digital media. With Facebook and Google dominating the advertising scene, having a strong skill in PPC is still an important skill to have for your CV.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has cemented itself as the digital home of many of us and the Facebook ad gold rush shows no signs of slowing down into 2018. The landscape of social ads is always evolving and developing your skills here can make you an attractive digital marketing prospect.

Data Analysis

Being a marketer is the 21st century can feel a lot like being a data scientist. You might have fantastic creative skills, but being able to effectively analyse your audience and campaigns is a critical skill for marketers.

Video Editing

Being able to create and edit video is still one of the hottest skills for 2018, with companies seeking cheaper than agency options for video ads. Video ads on Facebook in particular need to be short, engaging and cheap – making in-house production more attractive.

Marketing Law

The eyes of the media are turning and scrutinising digital marketing much more harshly, with laws and guidelines on data protection and ad targeting tightening up. If you are unfamiliar with GDPR or Facebook advertising standards, 2018 is the time to really hone this knowledge – making you an asset to your company and department.

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