Posted 01.04.15

Marketers looking ahead for creative jobs

If you work in marketing or another creative job, the odds are pretty high that you’ll be interested in a new job within the next 3 years or even the next twelve months. At Marketing Week they’ll even put a figure on it, after the results are in from their latest marketing salary survey.

Are you planning to make a job move?

This major annual survey had more than 5500 replies across the marketing, digital, design and advertising industries. In particular, 39% of marketers surveyed said they were planning to leave their current job within a year and a huge 81% within 3 years. That’s a lot of marketing talent on the move which is a positive thing, according to Keith Moor, chief marketing officer at Santander. He says that so many marketers looking for new opportunities indicates a more active job market although he also sees it as an issue for business stability.

Creative jobs – reasons for moving on to pastures new

There are many reasons why marketers thought it was time for a change including:

  • A new challenge
  • Career development
  • Salary levels and fair pay

Many respondents thought that in their sector, the role of marketing and a customer-focused approach was still not fully understood. Moor believes that more commercially-minded marketers are needed ‘to push through…stay numerate and talk the language of the business to gain credibility…rather than just produce marketing’.  Advice from the marketing team at John Lewis is similar – ‘contribute to and lead the broader agenda of their business’.

Salary Calculator

See where your salary and job plans stack up against others considering changes to their creative jobs. Search by your own sector and job title to get the details relevant to you. Find the full survey and salary calculator here on the Marketing Week website.


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