Posted 06.11.14

Print and online design, working together not apart

In the world of visual and graphic design – don’t force yourself to choose between digital and print. The best of both are being used by the biggest brands to meet their customers’ expectations.

Newspaper brands bring online expertise into print

At Creative Mettle, we noticed two articles in Design Week about the Financial Times and the Guardian. Both have recently re-launched their print options, based on their most effective online design. The newspaper sector, of course, has seen a lot of pressure on the printed paper to perform financially.

New font commissioned for FT’s new look

In the first article, the design process is looked at some detail with the head of design at the FT. Work included typography, colour, layout and a brand new font called, of course, ‘Financier’. The Financial Times’ new print edition is said to have been ‘developed for the digital age’. They recognise that ‘readers typically consume FT journalism on multiple platforms, and still see value in the printed paper. It retains its prestige as a physical object – a status symbol.” The graphic design process was focussed on creating a clear and well-structured look. It needed to complement the newspaper’s tone of serious, calm, authoritative and traditional.

Print and online – creating a seamless experience

At The Guardian, their aim was to bring the best of their online design into the printed version – “to “harmonise the Guardian’s new design language across all platforms”. As with the FT, the Guardian knows that its readership don’t all choose between print and digital. Alex Breuer, creative director at the newspaper explains, “We know many of our readers consume the Guardian across both print and digital. This new look brings a seamless, consistent and familiar experience wherever and however people choose to read our content.”

Learn more from major brands

Take a look at the two graphic design case studies for the Guardian and the Financial Times. See the work of graphic designers, visual designers and print managers on two leading brands in journalism.

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