Umbrella Company – Approved Supplier List

If you wish to be engaged through a third-party umbrella company, we have pre-approved the following suppliers.

Umbrella CompanyContact DetailsWeekly FeeNotice to Cancel
Liquid / 0800 316 6030Max £25.001 week
Clipper / 01305 233 170£24.951 week
Simplicity / 01594 888519£15.001 week max

Whilst we will consider alternative suppliers, we will not engage any umbrella company which is based offshore, does not pass our due-diligence checks or which is unwilling to agree our standard contract for umbrella companies. If we are unwilling to engage your preferred company, we will ask you to (i) choose an alternative provider from this Approved Supplier List or (ii) engage with us on a different basis, such as a PAYE Agency Worker.

Please note that the rate which we pay to an umbrella company will be more than the gross pay rate which you receive from them. The rate which we pay is inclusive of their statutory costs i.e. Employers National Insurance, the Apprenticeship Levy, pension contributions and your statutory paid holiday entitlement. These costs are deducted by the umbrella company, together with their weekly fee, before calculating your gross pay. For further information, you should refer to the Key Information Documents.

This document sets out the information which we are required to give under Regulation 13 of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003. In accordance with the Regulations:

  • The provision of services to you by an umbrella company is not a work-finding service for which the Employment Agencies Act 1973 prohibits the charging of a fee;
  • Any fees payable by you would be paid directly to the relevant umbrella company by being automatically deducted from any monies received in respect of your temporary assignment; and
  • Unless otherwise agreed by you with the relevant umbrella company, no refunds or rebates are payable to you.