Posted 10.05.16

The un-digital revolution

We’re now living in an age where the term ‘digital marketing’ is almost anachronistic. Marketing and digital marketing are one and the same – with all but the oldest slices of your customer base living huge swathes of their lives online, and expecting their interactions with businesses and services to be undertaken that way. But in the heights of this digital age, and with the technology to conduct the vast majority of interactions virtually, there’s still much to be said for reverting to a more analogue approach to customer interaction. As you’ll know while hunting for that perfect role in marketing, you can bet your bottom dollar that your potential employers will want to meet you face to face.

The personal touch

We are all social animals. We want to be a part of any discourse we encounter, and we have an innate urge to feel liked and accepted. To an extent, this psychological need is catered for by the flood of social media tools which surround our lives. But there is just something reassuring and familiar about a face-to-face interaction which cannot be replicated online. It is all based around working with another person to create a richer interaction. Communication is about making people feel, and far and above what actually gets said, the most imperceptible of micro-expressions can end up forging a trusted bond which evolves a good working relationship into an excellent one.

Building trust

It is impossible to understate the importance of having a trusted network when searching for marketing jobs. At Creative Mettle, we’ve seen hundreds of situations where bonds of loyal friendship have opened vocational doors that were once locked. Having an offline meeting with a person is absolutely integral to creating a sense of trust, and whether you’re making a purchase decision or accepting a job offer, face time will always prove more effective than Facetime!

In a globalised economy, of course there’s room for the video conference call and the overnight email. But successful businesses make it personal, and you should never overlook and always value an opportunity to meet your audience in the flesh – whether customer or interviewer.

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