Posted 25.04.16

The power of Facebook marketing

Facebook currently has over 1.5 billion active users each month; that’s over 20% of the worldwide population. You don’t need to us to tell you that this makes Facebook an enormously powerful tool for any online marketer. It has a powerful reach and acts as both a platform for content but also for sharing and communicating.

Share the story

Storytelling is fundamental to modern marketing. Consumers increasingly want to really believe in the concept behind a brand and Facebook is the perfect portal to demonstrate this. Public pages provide a fantastic space to publicise pictures, news and video clips, and can link to web pages, blogs and campaigns. Ensure this content all builds up to help tell your story.

A huge number of other sites connect via Facebook

As well as Facebook being a great place to publish content, it’s also a place where a mind-boggling number of other sites (80,000, according to recent studies!) connect. This is becoming the norm and, if a brand doesn’t have a strong Facebook presence and integration, users may wonder why not.

It feels personal

In line with the storytelling boom, increasingly consumers and users are looking for interaction. Consumers no longer want to be spoon fed information via traditional marketing techniques. They want to interact and to exercise opinions to have a say and shape the services and products they are using. Liked pages and posts appear on a user’s newsfeed just as their friends’ updates do and they can like, share and comment in the same way too. Gathering feedback from Facebook can be indescribably valuable.

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