Posted 13.03.17

Paid features you should be using in your social media marketing plan

The importance of digital marketing should never be underestimated and businesses should aim to develop an in-depth strategy, using the most effective features, both paid and unpaid. A combination of both will maximise your sales and the beauty of this is that you don’t need to spend a fortune to achieve results. If your budget stretches to the paid features, these are a few popular ones to try out to give your business a boost.
Facebook Dynamic Ads

If you sell products, you really should be taking advantage of the power of Facebook dynamic ads. With this paid feature, Facebook will post relevant product ads at the most effective time to boost your sales. The good thing about this is that your campaign can be set up once and work for you continuously.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram have recently launched a paid feature, which can greatly improve revenue for businesses. Businesses can share photos of their products and through an in-app shopping feature, consumers can go directly to their website and make a purchase quickly and easily. Well worth considering as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Pinterest Buyable Pins

Pinterest are continuing to expand their paid social campaigns and one popular feature which is ideal for businesses selling products is the buyable pins. With buyable pins, businesses are able to share their products more easily and increase engagement with consumers. The buyable pins feature encourages consumers to visit the website and make a purchase, through a simple transaction process.

Snapchat Ads

If you invest any of your advertising budget on television commercials, it might be worth considering Snapchat’s new paid feature instead. With this, you can promote your brand to an audience of over 150 million and reach the younger market with short, snappy and effective videos. This is a lot less expensive than TV commercials.

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