Posted 02.01.15

The innovative marketing of 2014’s Top 10 campaigns

With the arrival of the New Year, here at Creative Mettle we couldn’t resist a top 10 marketing campaign list of 2014. This year has seen many new initiatives and Marketing Week have picked out a great list of brand successes. From a unique use of billboard advertising by BA to the most-talked about charity campaign of the year that took social media by storm or maybe by flood – of buckets of ice-cold water.

Charity Sector successes in 2014

The Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $100m in the US where it started as well as an additional £10m in the U.K. That sum for just that one initiative was more than the charity raised in the whole of 2013. Elsewhere in the non-profit sector, Save the Children produced two powerful advertising and marketing campaigns. With the campaigns finding a global audience of more than 42 million views on Facebook, the charity is now looking to further  global awareness campaigns in 2015.

Advertising Airlines

BA brought us ‘The Magic of Flying’ in 2014 with digital billboards in London tracking aircraft with custom-built surveillance technology. The digital display changed as a flight passed over, revealing the image of a child pointing at the plane, along with flight information.  In the budget airline sector, Ryanair took on a major marketing campaign to convince us of their new customer service plans and saw a big turnaround in its profits.

And finally…a  campaign based on a favourite Christmas toy

If a copy of the Lego movie was under your Christmas tree last week, take a look at the marketing campaign that made it so popular. Lego animated a number of adverts from key brands such as BT and confused.com to feature in a complete Lego-built ITV ad break. Making a big impression brick by brick.

See if your favourite campaign is featured in the list from Marketing Week, and be inspired for a creative New Year in 2015!

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