Posted 09.10.17

How to keep your business’s digital brand protected

Issues impacting a business’s digital reputation seem to be happening more and more frequently of late. From exaggerated numbers of Twitter followers to offensive content being shown alongside branded videos, people working in digital marketing are understandably worried about the impact of activity on their online brand reputation.

If you work in digital marketing, being able to successfully safeguard your company’s online brand and show the steps you’re taking to protect the company’s digital reputation gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to looking for a new job. Whilst it’s almost impossible to monitor every single online advert, there are steps you can take to ensure you’re doing everything to protect your digital brand. Read on below for some of our top tips.

Conduct a brand audit

Block out some time to review all of your online channels and ensure they adhere to your brand guidelines. Review everything from your logo to the font and tone of voice you’re using across all your media channels to ensure that, at every touch point, your customer’s experiences are authentic to your brand.


One of the most important things you need to do to protect your business’s digital brand is to ensure you have the latest cyber-protection for your website and social media channels. Work with your IT department to ensure all passwords are encrypted, to reduce the risk of hacking, and establish regular meetings with them to analyse new potential threats.

Domain security should be a priority for your business to protect your online brand and assets, and current legislation regarding online data protection should be adhered to at all times, including the new GDPR guidelines.

Consider your content

Check that all the content you’re posting online has been thoroughly vetted to catch anything that might be considered offensive by any source. There are many examples of online campaigns that, in their execution, have backfired. Audit your intended content with various members of your business to gain different perspectives on how it could be interpreted to ensure you have reviewed all possible outcomes.


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