Posted 21.02.17

5 tips to help you succeed in your marketing career

In addition to managing the day-to-day responsibilities of your job, there are several ways in which you can advance your career. Below are five top tips for staying ahead and progressing in your career.
1. Be open to learning

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving and developing across both online and offline channels. Developments in the channels available, the analytics software available to measure return on your investments, changes to Google algorithms and ever-shifting customer expectations are just some of the challenges facing marketers today. You must retain an open mind throughout each stage of your career, showing that you are both willing to learn new things and that you champion opportunities to continually improve and develop your skill set.

2. Be confident, you’re the expert

As the marketing landscape changes, your colleagues will turn to you to be the expert in your field, expecting you to stay on top of new technologies and channels that could be relevant to your business. Be confident being the expert in the role you hold – read trade press such as Campaign Magazine, or The Drum – to ensure you’re aware of developments in the industry outside of your day-to-day job requirements. Attend seminar events and speak to other marketers outside of your company to ensure you’re always bringing new ideas back to your business.

3. Grow your network

Throughout your career, you will meet many people with different technical or sector-based skill sets that can benefit your career as you progress. Whether it be opening doors as you make a career move, or being able to provide you with advice as you begin to work in a new sector, never underestimate the benefits of growing a varied network throughout each stage of your career.

4. Understand the wider business

Marketing in 2017 is generally respected as a department crucial to the growth and development of a business. It is, however, vital as a marketer to show willing and a genuine interest in the other departments across the business to be able to execute the business’s communications as effectively as possible.

5. Follow your passions

There is no point carving out a career in marketing an IT company if the sector and the business do nothing to inspire you. As its core, marketing is creative, and you need to feel passionate about the business, product or service you’re marketing to engage and inspire your customers. Make conscious choices to move into a sector that gets you excited – take on voluntary work if required to build up expertise which will allow you to work in a job that you are enthusiastic about. After all, if you’re not passionate about what you’re communicating, how can you expect anyone else to be?

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