Posted 05.02.18

5 digital marketing trends for 2018 you need to know about

If you are looking at a career change and seeking new digital marketing jobs, it is important to be prepared for your interview and this includes knowing what lies ahead. These are some of the key digital marketing trends you should know about in 2018:

Personalised marketing

There will be a surge in the use of direct, personalised messaging via social media and in particular, Facebook. This has shown to be a highly effective marketing tool and with an 88% open rate for Facebook messenger, it is clear to see why. There will also be an increase in the use of web chat. The personalised approach is key to effective digital marketing in 2018.

Content marketing

This has been a key trend for several years now and it looks like it is only going to gain momentum in 2018. Content marketing drives traffic, there is no doubt about that and it has now become a must-have as part of the overall digital marketing campaign. If you are responsible for the full digital marketing campaign for your clients, you will need to ensure this is part of it.


It is not a surprising trend, but this is also key for an effective marketing campaign. Videos are more engaging and should be an important part of the overall strategy. Live streaming will also be an important marketing tool for advertising and engagement in 2018.


If users ‘opt in’ to allow you to access their location, this can be a highly effective part of any marketing campaign. It allows marketers to target people when they are in specific areas, which can be a great tool for selling products or services.

Visual content

As content marketing grows, so does the need for visual content. As part of an effective digital marketing campaign, it is a good idea to incorporate some images/videos to make it more engaging to readers.


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